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SUMMARY OF ARTICLES ( Prometheus 12:1/2001.)


A fierce onslaught of the Catholic church.

The Catholic church in Slovakia exerted enormous efforts in order to reach that the basic treaty between Holy See and the Slovak republic be prepared without any participation of a wider public. The representatives of Catholic church claimed that the Slovak public had not yet reached that level of perfection, to allow a democratic discussion about such sensitive issues like the state -church relation. This kind of opinion has been backed by several politicians especially from the ranks of KDH (Christian Democratic movement)

The above mentioned treaty (Concordat) is a doubtless prove, that the Catholic church strives to reach a completely sovereign power over Slovakia and subjugate it to Christian ideology, as proved by a host of concrete actions including pushing through establishing new church schools by all imaginable means on account of numbers of state schools. they enforce by provision of the treaty exclusively religious pattern of morality (including its impacts on pregnancy interruption sexual behaviour of people and others)

Politicians should be aware that it is not possible to build a civil society in Slovakia on obsolete tenets derived from religious dogmas and bigotry fabricated in the long history of orthodox Catholicism .

Suggestion to establish a specific public foundation . (by M.Šulka)

The article is a reply to the proclamation of the director general of the section for churches at the Culture ministry -Mr. Juran, according to which nondenominational citizens (claiming no religious adherence) should pay their dedicated taxes for preserving cultural monuments in Slovakia. ( As though cultural heritage were a concern exclusively of nondenominational persons! -not of religious adherence!)

He suggests to make and legalise four types of specific public funds. for 1.)cultural, 2.) social . 3.) charity 4.) education purposes - serving citizens regardless of their persuasion (religious or no-religious ) The dedicated tax (so called "church tax" ) which is being prepared now in Slovakia would go in these funds according to tax payer desire. The census of population which is under way in Slovakia could serve as a basis for establishing such fundations.

Cloning and all what is related to it.( by A. Rehák)

It is an informative article about the first successful cloning of mammals the sheep DOLLY, and the impact of it on further development of science its possible benefits to be expected. Analysis of opinions claimed by fierce opponents whose objections stem mostly from religious aspects are listed too . The fact of successful cloning refuted among others one dogma claiming that the soul enters the subject by fertilising- namely by fusing the egg (oocyte) and sperm . Now existence of Dolly proved that mammals can be born by using body cells .The NOTION of soul itself was shaken, which must be necessarily against the grain of churches which have built up the best business from the theory of soul claiming the church to be the only guide to lead the soul after death of body into heaven!

India tries to get rid of non-conformist journalists ( translation from IHEU Campaign by A. Rehák)

Informative article about the non-bailable arrest warrant for humanist editor in Hyderabad, India

The raid on 14 December 2000 on the offices of VIJAYA VIHARAM, the sealing of the editorial offices, the seizure of all the December 2000 issues of the magazine

Mr. Ramana Murthy himself has gone underground, hoping to avoid arrest and safeguard his liberty by applying to the State High Court for anticipatory bail during the week of 18 December 2000.

The article explains what kinds of solidarity steps can be done to save the victim

President of Bishops Conference František Tondra claimed at his NEW YEARS speech TO his desire for co-operation of all citizens of Slovakia "believers" and " alike. unbelievers".( no comment- words must comply with deeds!)

Dalailama in Prague

Principles of Humanism(Free inquiry Spring 2000 translated by R. Škoda)

From the history of Philosophy

Thoughts of ancient Greeks ( by J. Resch)

Excerpts from Newsletter of European Humanist Federation (October 2000)

Articles of note

Aids does not spare Roman Catholic priest

Pressure for resigning of the pope remain

In Slovakia the ecumenical Council signed a deal with public massmedia to screen less of violence in their programmes. ,

SUMMARY OF ARTICLES ( Prometheus 12:2/2001.)


The census of population and its meaning for us (The board of Prometheus Society)

In this year the census is going to be held including citizens buildings and flats at Slovakia. This is the first census in the new Slovak State. A host of important data should be collected, which are to be used for forming economic and social analysis and prognoses. Extremely important will be the results of census as to numbers of population claiming religious adherence against numbers not claiming religious adherence (non-denominational citizens) These will possibly be used as a basis for regulating the position of these group o communities in the future and especially for subsidising them financially. Strangely enough about financing churches quite a lot of opinions have been pronounced by politicians, but not a single one about financing non-denominational citizens on the same basis!

The treasuries of churches- a deep and wide pit ( Financing of churches)

The article describes the non-transparent financing of churches their institutions and activities. besides the admitted ciphers granted by State there are great numbers of other subsidies, donations, and sponsorships taken from taxes of rank and file citizens offered also by municipalities and other subjects. Such are for repairs and building new churches - about seven hundred new churches built after November 1989- funds earmarked for maintenance of objects of cultural heritage have been used for them, contribution for establishing and financing church schools, establishing a special PASTORAL centre in the students hostel of Mlynská dolina /Bratislava and many others.

The methods of financing churches (especially the Catholic church) indirectly cause a great concern with no-denominational citizens and a feeling of injustice, because this community of citizens did not get since November 1989 a single dime for their culture and activities

Relation of science , physics and physicists to religion (by livia Ludhová)

Islamic extremism and its influence on the Countries of Central Asia and Russia. (Machanov,M.S -translation by P.Prusák)

After the dissolution of the USSR propitious conditions have arisen for infiltration of Islam into newly established countries of Central Asia .These territories are inhabited mostly by Moslems and they started to launch a host of new organisations helping to expand the reach of militant Islam. Many Islamic countrie try to get dominance over the geopolitical space liberated for their influence after the dissolution of Soviet regime.(Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan) The recent development proves that the position of radical Islamic leaders gets ever stronger not only in the Central Asian region , but also in Russia itself. The final goal of these groupings is to build up an " Islamic community "namely a unified Islamic State reaching from Caspian Sea up to China.

The problematic of Christian Values.( by J. Resh)

The author of this article ( a renown member of our society who is deeply involved especially in Greek history philosophy and its humanistic sides) discloses on the grounds of analysing some classics of ancient times the so called "Christian values" they are to great extent taken over from rationalist values and ethos which was widely known in the fifth century BC. It was the credit of Socrates Plato Democritos and other Greek sophists The principles of morality were accepted by humankind itself before the church started to usurp them for itself and to enforce them to tits followers.


About the model of financing churches to be prepared. ( by M. Majtán)

The author of this article maintains that financing of churches as proposed by the current government is discriminatory against citizens who are no church members.(atheists , humanists , rationalists. freethinkers , materialists etc)Therefore he demands finances not to be allotted directly to churches , but to communities of citizens according to which life stance they belong. in this way all citizens would enjoy equal rights including those not professing any religion. In case of not acceptance the group of nondenominational people should be treated equally as any other "church"

From the history of philosophy. (by J. Resh)

This is a continuation in presenting the thoughts of ancient Greeks ( Meandros, Sapho, Epicuros , Sophocles, Democritos, Heracleitos, Homer, Hesiodos, Zenon,, Thales of Miletos, Euripides, Chrisippos, Aischyloss , Xenophon and others.)

From the life and activities of our Clubs. (J. Čelko)


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SUMMARY OF ARTICLES ( Prometheus 12:3/2001.)

The place of medical ethics in the society (A.Rehák)

The origins of medical ethics are reaching far back in the history and are linked with the fundamental purpose oh helping the patient. The Hippocratic oath did not remain in its original wording , it was amended after the World war II. by provisions prohibiting the physician to accept interference on religious, national. racist and political grounds.

These facts may cause problems in varied regions of the world due to differences in specific cultural development, but above all due to ever more increasing fundamentalist tendencies.

Among main obstacles the religious prejudices can be counted. Although the medical ethics is a specific field of medical SCIENCE, it is quite surprising how many laic institutions , especially based on religion feel to be entitled to exert pressure through the state authorities on physicians at their PROFESSIONAL decision making. This applies especially to issues of family planing and contraception , but also many others.

The incompatibility of religion and medical science can be demonstrated on the recent achievements of genetics which managed mapping of the whole human genetic code. The impacts for the future are enormous.(details in text)The dogmatic teachings of religions about god (or gods) deciding about human s has been shaken by knowledge of genes and their influence on the whole human being! Many aspects of further developing these results are strongly opposed by churches. It is the high time to stop the medieval kind of interference of religious dogmas in virtual science.

Catholic doctrine about the reproductive health ( R.Škoda)

The Catholic church stubbornly rejects the rights of women to abortion. It does not take into account the rapid rise of population numbers in those parts of the globe where it leads to misbalance between resources and needs. The bigot approach stems from the dogma of pope's infallibility adopted in the 19-th century . At present the Vatican has no direct political powers, but due to its still persisting influence it exerts pressure via its adherents who are supposed to obey unconditionally .

The bishops Conference of Slovakia prepared a plan for "Saving the Christian principles in Slovakia" and one of the contradictory points of it is to push through by all possible means their own ideas about the planned parenthood.

End to abortions in Slovakia? (I.Poljak)

Due to extensive antiabortion propaganda led by church hierarchy and the political party of Christian Democratic movement some doctors in State- run hospitals refuse to perform abortions, with reference to the right of conscience and the Vatican Treaty. (Concordat). These acts represent a discrepancy with the low in force, because even in case that doctors can refuse doing something due to right of conscience, the Institution (department of gynaecology) has no right to do so . ( The article is based on the position taken by two leading specialists of family planning Dr Cupaník and Dr .Kliment) Comment of EDITOR: Right of conscience applies only "IN FORO INTERNO" i.e as long as it is not projected into illegal deeds (IN FORO EXTERNO the law in force is valid, not the individual conscience. The latter cannot exculpate any deeds if they are contrary to law !)

The most intimate choice. (J.Trefulka)

Reflection of a renown Czech publicist about the problems of euthanasia . The author considers it to be unmoral if the political ruling powers are to decide about the life of individuals when their life became unbearable

About lack of rational thinking, astrology and superstitions. ( I. Poljak)

Article featuring an interview with a well-known astro-physicist Dr Kapušinský,of the Slovak Society for critical thinking (Slovak Sceptics Society)


--About the recent census --Young social democrats were thrown out of their office--The most deceptive teaching---

History of philosophy ( J Resh)

Quotations of ancient Greek philosophers.

Information about activities of the international movement (A.R.)

Life and work in our CLUBS:


Disputes about YOGA (I Poljak)

The Bishops conference of Slovakia strongly opposed introducing Yoga physical exercises in schools with the pretext of labelling it as oriental mysticism supposedly incompatible with Slovak Christianity. The Ministry of Education finally have yielded to these clerical pressures

When priests fail (I. Poljak)

Cases from UK, Czech republic and Austria of priests sexually misusing children left in their "spiritual care" and description of efforts on the part of church to hush up the scandalous aftermath.



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