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The truth and the distorted and rigged statistics.

Comparison of available data on numbers of BELIEVERS / NON-BELIEVERS/ and UNDECIDED in Slovakia.

The first source of information on religiosity after the overturn in November of 1989. has been the census of population in the former Czechoslovak republic in 1991., because during the socialist regime of former Czechoslovakia state authorities were not allowed to ask citizens about their religious or non religious life stance and their allegiance to churches.

The census was done in an extremely hostile atmosphere against "atheism", which was blamed for every evil in the former communist regime. Clerical forces in Slovakia made from church pulpits propagation centres and they systematically claimed that "atheists were amoral people, that the only way of spiritual rebirth of Slovakia was return to religion, and the only guarantor of morality was  religion. The same tenets were proclaimed again and again for many months well before the census by mass media and in speeches of many politicians. People especially in the country were intimidated also by their neighbourhood.

In addition the results were rigged also by some commissaries, who were responsible for collecting the forms from citizens When asked how to fill in the forms in which the only "pigeonhole RELIGION" was to fill in . (Suggestive construction of the form itself! ) they asked if the citizen was baptised or not ( Practically everyone - including atheists were baptised!) If the answer was affirmative they had them to insert in the form his/her baptismal religion .(All this is difficult to prove after nine years which passed since the census - besides the intimidation still persists, therefore witnesses are not ready to speak up. We prefer NOT TO DISPUTE about results of census . They are too old to be valid)

It follows that results of census (done in 1991) are not reliable which has been confirmed by two later investigations . One in May 1993.( only two years after the census) - substantially differing, and the other in 1988 also confirming that results of census in 1991 are NOT TENABLE:

  Census 1991. State Instit. of Statistcs May 1993 (published in daily „Pravda") Institute of Sociology / Slovak Academy of Science (1998)

72,8 %

57 %

48 %


9,8 %

20 %

35 %


18,2 %

23 %

17 %


While in the group of undecided / not declared there has been no substantial differences. In the groups of believers and non-believers there are shifts and differences which cannot be explained by spontaneous shifts against the original census , because thy tend to change in opposite direction than could be expected due to PERSISTENT CLERICAL PROPAGANDA AND STIFLING OF ALL OTHER PROPAGANDA EXCEPT THE RELIGIOUS ONE:

The only correct conclusion can by drawn: Clerical pressures in Slovakia along with intimidation, continuous propaganda in mass media and rigged statistics help to present an image of Slovakia as being a deeply religious (Christian / Catholic) country.

The reality is altogether at variance with these claims. Slovakia - similarly like other countries of modern Europe is in a process of on-going secularisation. A minimum of 25 - 30 % atheists in European countries is a very probable estimate. In Slovakia the proportion of atheists ( or non- denominational citizens) is approximately the same. The clerical trends and politicians supporting it, managed to falsify these facts and fabricated a FAIRY TALE , about Slovakia being a religious (Christian )nation.


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