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Pretended “religious image of Slovakia” to by paid for - from citizens taxes

Dr J. Novotný.

Dear Editor,

By a pure chance the issue of further financing of churches, namely of the Roman Catholic church emerged again .The problem was broached by the Leftist Democratic Party at its republican council.

Stealthily , without awareness of the citizens - behind the backs of whose our bosses hide under the aegis of the Christian Democratic Movement a kind of precedent is being created , taking its shape in the TREATY with VATICAN, especially its article 23. According to this “ The Slovak republic takes the pledge to make its laws compliant with rules established by this Treaty.” The MP (in Slovak “deputy to parliament”) Kresák has defined this article of treaty even more clearly - as intervening into the legislation of sovereign Slovak republic. To be more precise, again and again possibly for the thousands time a booby trap is being prepared for the citizens of other denominations with the greatest impact on non-denominational citizens.

Expressed more clearly “ the contracting parties agreed on continuation of the system of state - funding model . The rules according to which the State will grant financial subsidies to Catholic church will be regulated by a special international treaty. This shall decree by some way a minimal amount of the financial grants to church from the State budget. With other words: due to the treaty an international, bilaterally agreed guarantee is to be accepted about the contracted amount of financial subsidy, which cannot be changed by the State itself in a unilateral way ( for instance by the State budget) Theoretically what might happen? If the treaty decreed to Catholic church a State grant of one billion Ks and the whole State budget would be no more than one billion either- then the whole budget goes for financing the Catholic Church. So that at such a husbandry of our government dominated mostly by the Christian Democratic Movement such outcome is not quite impossible. Immorality of the highest degree.

To express it clearly everybody will contribute for the Catholic church,- regardless if he / she does or doesn’t belong to this denomination - by taxes, which are going to be re-distributed to churches, among which the biggest lump is claimed by the Catholic church.

Of course, the top inquisitors from the ranks of Christian Democratic Movement managed to speak up.

The MP Palko pronounced the following sentence worth mentioning: “ These are occasions at which even after ten years of transformation of the Leftist Democratic Party their communist ways of thinking reappear” His edict did not surprise by any ingenuity . His pathologic hatred to everything which smells as opposition against Roman Catholicism or has any relation to communism stands at margin of paranoia . No wonder that the renown TV- talk showman Markovič has labelled them a branch of Taliban - movement - the fundamentalist Moslem movement in Afghanistan. These initially by USA supported religious fanatics made from Afghanistan something the whole advanced world deplores , even those who originally were sympathetic even with their brutal murdering of the former president Nadgibullah.

More diplomatic, but still misleading was the speech of State secretary of Foreign Ministry Mr. Fígel ( Christian Democratic Movement - of course) “Slovakia by signing the Treaty with Vatican and financing the Roman Catholic church would join the civilised Countries of Europe. Great mistake Mr deputy! All civilised Countries have quite different provisions .Namely paying a church tax, which has to be declared at a State authority . If he / she doesn’t pay he / she is excommunicated . And just this is one of the reasons of a massive flux of believers abandoning church. The provisions of treaty , of course , should be a preventive measure, so that nothing like that happens to the image of Slovakia allegedly “having deep Christian roots” ( to be understood: Roman Catholic roots)

In other words: No more separation of State and church . Only straightforward parasitism on the State’s body, which of course should swallow all that.

Such an immorality could be compared only to the papacy of pope Alexander VI - Borgia . That one who did not hesitate by imposing enormous taxes, by wars and violence to support his mistresses and did not hesitate to make a cardinal of his son Cesare - by the way a mass murderer , who managed to kill his own brother hugged to protect him by his father .

The separation of State and church ,  was proclaimed as one of the main conditions at the overturn in 1989. All of a sudden they have renounced it, being aware that they would loose the major part of their income and could not boast with alleged religiosity of Slovakia any more.

No, I am not against god, I am not against believers. I am only against such blackmailing and fraudulent practices, which lead our country , our nation into a premeditated subjugation and demise .But the believers themselves have to be aware of it. This is also one of the reasons why Europe is not taking us. We did not manage to solve such matters of basic human rights, as the right to work, right to free education, to free health care, equal rights for nondenominational people , security against criminal elements, the result of which was an exodus of Romany citizens and consequently cancelling travel without visa to UK, Finland and Norway . And the Roman Catholic church was that one which has disintegrated our society by encyclical “ Humanae Vitae” prohibiting abortion, sterilising, and contraceptives and caused an explosive population birth rate just with Romany population. The Kosovo problem has evolved in a rather similar way. And now we reap the fruits of such a policy.

I would like to quote the bible: “ Let God protect Slovakia against such a government ! ”


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