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The public media in Slovakia instead of reflecting the plurality of the whole society became a tool of propagating and advertising religious life stance - at the same time IGNORING the very existence of non- religious philosophies of life DESPITE THE FACT THAT A GREAT PROPORTION OF THE POPULATION DO NOT CLAIM A RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE:

(material collected by L.Ludha and M. Necpalová)

PROGRAMMES in Slovak public mass media with contents propagating, and promoting (mostly the Catholic) religion, or with "Christian" religious pastoral aims. ("PROSELYTISING" the Slovak nation = trying to convert non-believers)

  1. Slovak television

A special body has been established called "Programme Centre of Religious Life" (in Slovak PCNŽ) (with unknown number of full-time employees) producing 21 RELIGIOUS SERIALS broadcast with regular periodicity .and some more taken over from co-operating producers of such serials .

SURVEY of these REGULAR SERIALS, and comments on characteristics.

LUMEN 30 min/ per month Reporting varied releases from the church life.
Spiritual Word 5 min /per week Spiritual = religious
Small biblical stories 5 min/ per week For children
Good message 30 min Divine services, cycles of documents, homilies
Studio 2000 10 min/per week Information on activities at the occasion of 2000y. HOLY YEAR
Culture and religion 45 min  
Confidential spheres 55 min With discussions
Noise (Slovak "ŠUM")   Students monthly programme started by initiative of Pastoral Centre in the University students Hostel of "Mlynska Dolina" in Bratislava
Club Nicodem (name of moderator)   Targeted on University students. (Discussions)
ALFA   Publicist cycle on varied aspects of Christian life
Television messenger   religious programme
Braces (Slov:Traky)   For the youth- propagation of Christian Values.
Ladies´ ride ( slov: Dámska jazda)   Programme for women
The time for two   Aimed at married couples.
The second dime   For elderly people.
The second breath   For elderly people.
Half-tone   Gospel music
SAMSON   Broadcast programme for small children
Half-tone-tips   About Christian life.
God´ s children   Target : pastoral activities among Romany / Gypsies
Somewhere within us   Selected personalities speak about applying Christian values in everyday life.
Studio LUX   For youth- the patronage of Slovak Bishops Conference
Ad rem Twice / month Religious items for teen-agers
DEKALÓG   Ten films about the TEN COMMANDMENTS


Besides these REGULAR SERIALS, other items promoting religion are dispersed among all ather types of programmes , which do not fall in the competence of PCNŽ and are not easy to register.

Only a few examples : (Not complete list !)

-Morning talks (every day - originally only religious topics, recently "only" three times per week religious items)

-Transmissions from foreign radio station of Vatican

-Featuring varied religious ceremonies (usually Church Mass)

-Slovak unique memorials: (Three chapels of Zápolsky family)

-Great anniversary (Basilica Minor in Nitra)

-PSALMS (religious lyric items)

-Cycle of documents about religious creed (Mezdugorie), etc, etc.

(All these data can be easily confirmed from any bulletin publishing TV. Programmes, or a great deal of data (not all of them) can be found in the daily KATOLÍCKE NOVINY - article by Katarína Žáková published in the issue of June, 11, 2000.)


Religious Broadcasting in Slovak Radio:

(Permanent Editorial board with 4. Full-time employees)


FREQUENCY M 20 min. Monday  
Routes (Slov: Cesty) 120 min /Monday  
Radio Vatican 10 min/Thursday  
For believers and "unbelievers" 60 min The title itself proves that the aim is proselytising-CONVERTING non-believers

Mass in some church

30 min Sunday

Total : 300 min / per week

The programme items are allocated the best broadcasting times and are (usually ) the next day retransmitted.

Not regular timetable:

Saturday: The Line of hope. 120 min ( 1- 2 times per month, )

Friday: Christian tunes. ( 60 min - approximately once in a month)

SURVEY of TV. air time covering the first half of the y. 2000.

  1-st week 2-nd week 3-d week 4-th week TOTAL
JANUARY ? 230 min 360 355 945
FEBRUARY 220 160 130 325 835
MARCH 200 240 120 255 + 134 950
APRIL 305 280 495 1190 2270
MAY 465 440 515 530 +590 2540
JUNE 535 235 330 500 1600
TOTAL         9140



January : 945 min /February 835 min/ March 945 min = TOTAL : 2,725 min

Comparing the above numbers with needs of nondenominational citizens:

For NON-RELIGIOUS philosophies of LIFE there is NO EDITORIAL BOARD in TV or in the Radio.

Programmes promoting or at least INFORMING about NON-RELIGIOUS LIFE PHILOSOPHIES during the follow- up period (and also many years before it) NONE!

Is there any better example of systematic DISCRIMINATION of nondenominational citizens who make up approximately one third of the total population?

Important postscript:

On 22 August 2000 the Slovak Radio 1. firtst time during the last ten years gave room to an interview about Prometheus Society and its aims to the chairman of society.The timing of this programme was AT ONE A.M. (!) (one hour after midnight. No further comment.

Postscript dated on 23.August , 2000.


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