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IHS -Promoting global humanism.

The Institute for Humanist Studies 18 Corporate Woods Boulevard, Albany, NY12211, USA is dedicated to educating the public about humanist beliefs, organisations, and resources.

The innovative projects of the institute deserve the highest attention of organisations, groups and individuals all over the world as they are promising as a new way of creating a network for exchange of best ideas and experience among humanists in the next millennium.

Founded in 2000, the Institute has business offices and meeting facilities in Albany, New York. The Institute's founder and president is Lawrence D. Jones. Its executive director is Matthew A. Cherry.

One important activity is raising funds and giving grants for projects needed to promote public understanding and appreciation of humanism, and to foster co-operation among humanist groups both nationally and internationally.

New projects have been started to bring humanist education to the general public by Continuum of Humanist Education (COHE), a new Internet-based distance education program to be introduced in 2001.

The Institute for Humanist Studies Fund has given a total of over $138,000 to eleven different projects in its Winter 2000/2001.The owner of this Website- Prometheus Society of Slovakia was one of those who were selected for a grant to produce a basic informative brochure on humanism for informing the public in Slovakia about the aims and prospects.

A new round of grants awaits humanist groups which want to apply and use the funds for innovating projects and new approaches which could serve as a pilot project to be followed by other humanists .

For more information open page : http://humaniststudies.org/index.html or contact: Matt Cherry, Executive Director, Institute for Humanist Studies, 18 Corporate Woods Boulevard, Albany, NY12211, USA. Tel +1 518 432 7820, fax +1 518 432 7821, email: Matt@humaniststudies.org


This is the second time Prometheus Society of Slovakia  received a grant from IHS for publishing the book: "To techers-humanists"

We want to express our gratitude for the generosity. 

At the same time we want to drow your attention to the excellent E.mail MAGAZINE  distributed by the IHS

you can order it on http://humaniststudies.org/lists/




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