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PartVII. Concrete signs of growing intolerance in daily life

One of serious manifestations of intolerance, which has been unknown in Slovakia till now, are the extravagant exploits of skinheads. The hotbed for skinheads and manifestations of racism is the radicalised society, idolising history, especially of the Slovak State of 1939- 1945.,and unfounded efforts to rehabilitate Dr J. Tiso ( 159.)

Our school youth read with great eagerness varied journals propagating fascism and racism ( minister Slavkovská is responsible for education- could someone expect from her effective interference ?.) The periodical " Let us strike ,Slovakia" openly declare their allegiance to Hlinka and Tiso , it praises the music band called " Krátky proces" (= Brief process) the hit of which is a song popular in fascist Slovakia " rež a rúbaj " (translation: = let us cut and strike them , let us bleed them...etc.). One can find there also description of activities done by fascist troops, especially of Hitler Jugend , " which had fought bravely for Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and his superior race ( no need to comment)( 82.)

Murders motivated by racist hatred are till now not too frequent in Slovakia. Only two such cases occurred when skinheads murdered two Roma ( 160, 159.) ( which comparing with Tiso regime is perhaps a negligible number , because the number of persecuted and murdered victims on racist and political grounds at that time was 75 thousand )

Nevertheless skinheads do their best to enhance their activities , but until now no more murders happened , but attacks on Roma and foreigners of dark complexions with consequent grave injuries are frequent. It belongs to the skinhead folklore , of course, to appear at every celebration of Slovak fascist State where they shout the Hitler greeting "Sieg Heil" and chant similar slogans, ( 161, 162.) They have deserved by it high approbation of Mr. S Pánis , who considered them for such a patriotic activity " the future of this nation"

Other acts proving " high standard of culture" are acts of vandalism ,which are aimed mostly against monuments and memorials of SNP, as well as against Jewish cemeteries. ( That means :motivated by fascist and anti-Semitic feelings) It happened in Nitra, Šahy, Vrbové, Stupava , Liptovský Hrádok, Prešov, Topolčany and other places.. In Nové Zámky they dug out a corpse off a Jewish tomb and scattered the bones. ( 163.) In Komárno they stole a commemoration table from the wall of synagogue ( TA SR- 164.)

As far as monuments of SNU are concerned , perhaps a majority of them are repeatedly damaged and desecrated , in newspapers only the more striking cases are being reported . ( In Partizánské two monuments ( 165.) in Žilina , military cemetery all area devastated ( 166.) Since November 1989, i.e. as soon as the ludak absconded emigrants were free to return together with their fabrications , on walls graffiti started to appear announcing who should be put in gas chambers .... with attempts to deprave the SNU using the same vocabulary as the former fascist newspapers " Gardista", "Slovenská pravda" and "Slovák" ( 167.) There are some walls painted with swastikas and inscriptions " Communists , Jews and Roma to gas chambers, in Osvienčim and the like. ( 168.)

What to tell to all this? Paraphrasing one of the edicts pronounced by MP Móric: IN SLOVAKIA THINGS ARE LIKE THIS. !


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