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PartVI. Attitudes of political subjects and institutions

and of State officials

The former prime minister V. Mečiar on the 49.th anniversary of SNU celebrations said : " the contemporary Slovak republic as a State has never been follower of the State of 1939- 1945.. It is not identical with this either as concerns territory, character of power , positions of its citizens , our democratic course in a democratic system along with all its structures. ( 76.)

The government of Slovak republic passed on June 4, 1996 a statement , in which it has kept distance from all efforts aiming at defending fascism. At the end of 1995 while meeting representatives of Jewish religious communities V. Mečiar stressed , that as long as he is on the post of prime minister , fascism in Slovakia will be not rehabilitated.... that the government will use all legislative means to suppress manifestations of fascist ideology in Slovakia.( 141.)

The former president of parliament Ivan Gašparovič told at his interview with Professor Simon Wiesenthal as well as in his lecture delivered on symposium held on the topic "Fascism and human rights." ..that the contemporary Slovak republic has unequivocally kept distance from fascist regime of war-time Slovakia ( 142.) and...the Slovak nation rose up against fascism with weapons in their hands ( thus he did not call the SNU " the coup of August"- like the book of Ďurica approved by former minister Mrs. Slavkovská as a textbook for schools ) ( 142. ) No more than a week after the declaration of the Slovak parliament a new book dedicated to adoration of fascism appeared ,i.e. Collection " The hidden truth about Slovakia" (among
authors there is also the name of Ján Smolec, editor in chief of daily "Slovenská republica , (periodical close to V. Mečiar.). Immediately thereafter the public television STV paid great attention to this event with a TV coverage of inaugurating ceremony and an interview with two of authors (157.)Not bad as an advertisement

MP P. Koncoš in Parliamentary interpellation asked MP Slota and Minister Mrs Slavkovská to explain their participation in actions glorifying the former Slovak State and its president J. Tiso, which can be considered damaging the credit and reputation of Slovak republic ( 144.) Worth mentioning is again the declaration of MP Móric , that he was prod of J.Tiso and the "historical disclosure" of J. Slota , that nobody was sentenced to death during the existence of Slovak State ( 144, 145.) ( Comment to cliché repeated after cardinal Korec -see there.) But what should we think about (the late) MP Bartolomej Kunz asserting that Tiso´s conviction
and execution was a source for determination and vigour to keep struggling for the truth of Slovak nation and for its State. ( it happened on the commemorating meeting of Tiso ´s 108 anniversary of birth.- 63.). In an interview with TV NOVA he was approving the genocide of Jews as a mean of returning the national wealth , which the Jews had gained by " impoverishing the Slovak nation" ( 141.)

The Democratic Party asked in June 1996 the prime minister to keep his promise , that he would not allow propagating fascism , and therefore to revoke minister of education Mrs. Slavkovská for her repeated violations of the State doctrine and damaging the common interest of Slovakia ( Among others publishing the fascism propagating book in a print run of 80 thousand books for schools for subsidy of PHARE. - comment of compilers) Beside, they resolutely protested against Slovak Television , involved in the campaign for rehabilitating the regime of war-time Slovak State. (TA SR- 43.)

Inviting to Slovakia Le Pen, the French ultranationalist . who does not hide his racist feelings did not serve the prestige of Slovakia, either . He was invited by chairman of party which is a member of governmental coalition, Mr. J. Slota. The visit was marked by presence of two ministers- members of cabinet for Slovak National Party and these did not fail to show him round in the memorial chamber dedicated to Tiso in Bánovce. ( 146.,- 147.)The prime minister who proclaimed in a theatrical way , that he keeps distance from fascism and its manifestations failed to interfere... his worlds are contrary to his deeds. ( 52.)

As a matter of fact the Slovak National Party does not fail to celebrate "with all dignity" every year the March, 14. , anniversary of declaring the clerofascist State, at which usually prominent members of the party take part. As soon as in 1995 J. Slota evoked the attention of journalists on a meeting in Žilina at that occasion at which he made a tender-hearted speech , by which he expressed his adoration for the leading politicians of that Stare and for Tiso . ( 78.). This year minister Mrs. Slavkovská and two MP-s participated on celebration. ( 148.)

Attitude of State officials to religion.

In civilised countries it is quite common that a State president shows up at some religious ceremony. Bu this event is usually presented as a personal thing of this , or that statesman, who never acts as some advertising agent for religious fundamentalism. The ostentatious manifestations of religiosity on the part of former president M. Kováč (usually presented by many media for citizen's money) were not comparable with anything like that . It was definitely at variance with acts of a president representing a democratic State " which is not linked with any ideology , neither religion" ( Constitution of Slovak republic )

Among several tens of " missionary-like declarations" let us mention his words he told at the pilgrimage to Šaštín on September 19. 1993.: ...The bestowal of faith in God is the most precious God's donation. which we have" ..At the occasion of his state- visit to Portugal in the pilgrimage site of Fatima :....." For me is seeing Fatima the culmination in my personal life. . It was at the same time a chance to thank for it that the Slovak nation had survived , had maintained its faith to God and had reached sovereignty ( 149.) ( The rest of 1,5 million citizens , who did not maintain their faith in God the president thus does not consider parts of Slovak nation)

It would be suitable perhaps to quote at his instance a part of speech delivered by French socialist in the Parliament on June 15, 1896: ......the past belonged exclusively and entirely to you (=clergy).. And what have you done, gentlemen ? Eighteen centuries you had ruled this world....your popes tyrannised with despotism kings and emperors. For eighteen centuries you could have modelled the humankind into whatever you wished, but you not only failed to liberate humankind, but you never could even prevent fatal crises which were lurking on it..... you stand here with empty hands... All the history has condemned you. "...(150.( Did anything change since that assertion ? What about the tragedy in former Yugoslavia, and the North Ireland,
which are motivated directly by religious reasons. ? ).

Preparing the Great Contract with Vatican, which is being done under the supervision of deputy prime minister Augustín M. Húska has evoked apprehensions, not only on the part of secular oriented citizens , but also of professionals for questions of State legislature, fearing that instead of freedom of thought and belief adopted by Constitution a kind of State Catholicism is going to be legalised.( 151, 152.)

A. M. Húska has attacked them indiscriminately in his article about State politics and the church- about Catholicism and cosmopolitanism ( 153.) Besides other things he called them " emptied cosmopolites" (About qualification of Mr. Húska in issues of State and jurisprudence no information available ). The source of A.. M. Húska´s contemplation on national and Christian traditions are probably publications of ludak-nationalist ideologists , especially of Š Polakovič, F.Juriga, J. Kirschbaum and others. ( 153.)

There is a wide spectrum of press published in Slovakia . Therefore no wander that one can find newspapers which propagate explicitly war criminals . These are connected with Canadian collaborators who absconded from Slovakia . As an example one can mention glorification of Béla Tuka in Slovenské správy ( 155.)

But it must be surprising, when in newspapers close to HZDS ( i.e. to V. Mečiar )articles of similar tendency appear . The "Slovenská republika "e.g. published quite a lot of contributions which had been presented at the " renown" DIES- ATER - conference which had been organised to deprave the SNU and to glorify fascism.(156.), or the article by P. Valo in " Slovenská republika ", where he depicted the participants of SNU as violators of oath given to the president of fascist State, while the traitors of SNP as heroes. ( 71.)
In Slovakia there are several civic associations , which make efforts to defend democracy, and
are therefore disquieted with growing manifestations of intolerance and rebirth of neofascism .
Their protests are not heeded by the State administration , or they "play the protests down. " ( 158.)

On one hand one can see that the minister of education Slavkovská had introduced in schools the pro-fascist falsification of Slovak history by Ďurica, on the other hand the same schools have cancelled in 11.000 instances their subscriptions of a biweekly published by antifascists association of Slovakia .( 157.)

The Slovak television in its daily news reports informed on the new book of Iurica " The concealed truth about Slovakia" ( 158.) and also at other occasions it joined the brainwashing ( e. g. after the promise to remove from schools the book by Ďurica) During the past 4. years SZPB ( Association of anti-fascists of Slovakia) submitted three times an appeal of legal prosecuting for promulgating fascism, but with no avail. ( Interview with J. Husák, chairman of SZPB- 47.)

The chairman of Slovak Union for Human Rights - Jozef Drozd also has confirmed that proceedings in court of justice concerning anti-Semitic articles published in Slovak press take too long ( 29.) ( or are they not played down? )


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