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Part V. Position of citizens who do not follow religious ideology - secular minded people.

Despite clerical efforts to present Slovakia as an indisputably "Christian country" the reality differs diametrically.. In the total count of 5,5 million citizens about 1,5 millions do not adhere to any religion.( 101 - TASR- Pravda : opinion poll of Institute of Statistics - of Nay 1993- (114.) Nobody till now did find out how many of registered " believers" are really practising believers and how many are just on paper like Gogol´s " dead souls" ( according to some not yet verified opinions practising believers make about 10 % of registered ones -( 109.)

The State administration turns a blind eye on this " minority group" ignoring them as though non-existent , but the clerical circles and politicians often attack them with intolerant attacks , although the Constitution of Slovak republic secured freedom of thought and belief (=any belief i.e. theist and non-theist including). It means that one ideology was replaced by another one..... but the development of society has shown how ideological fanaticism gives birth to spiritual Mafia with absolute power of " God fathers" ( 115.)

The secular-minded citizens ( with no religious adherence) are a clearly defined group , which has its specific cultural characteristics ( secular world-view). Therefore provisions of international covenants and agreements as well as of the Slovak Constitution , which ban any kind of discrimination for difference in opinion, apply to them .
These principles of tolerance between different-minded groups of people are violated , equality of citizens and their free choice of their belief is being exposed to attempts of subordinating the whole community to religious organisations , which is at variance with Slovak Constitution . Secular-minded citizens feel alarmed by attempts to back the State on religious dogmas... and they are as people of non-religious views considered a cast of lower category, for subjects with no morals, and with no spiritual life......( 116.)

Voices appear telling that at present there is no equality between people who profess religion and those who have a different world-view. Secular humanists are ignored , or even exposed to discrimination in Slovakia. ( 117.) Such a discrimination is felt especially in the field of providing material and cultural facilities ,
necessary for preserving and developing their common identity, culture and traditions, because the State administration completely omit this strata of citizens as though non-existent. These citizens get from State resources no regular subsidies, no rooms for their cultural and spiritual life , no access into mass media , no facilities to publish any periodicals ( one has cancelled two such bulletins, while at the same time 32 church oriented periodicals are issued )
Civil ceremonials are not supported and therefore they hardly survive and are doomed to collapse. Secular citizens have no school system for high education ( like e.g. Humanist University of Utrecht for professionals - humanist consultants.)- although funds from the budget to establish it could have been granted, - as one can see in the instance of newly launched Catholic University in Slovakia ( besides existing Theological Faculties.). In prisons and in army, posts for pastoral services have been established , at the same time with omitting similar services for citizens of secular life-stance. All these steps increase the ever more growing
distance between Slovakia and rest of Europe , where all that is secured equally for secular citizens as for religious believers. ( 118.)

Citizens claiming secular life -stance have no chance to defend themselves. Day- in- day- out - they get overwhelmed with attacks coming from churches, from church press , and the radio broadcasting and television opened the doors completely to clerical propaganda, to reverend pastors, to church liturgy, to stories from Bible etc. Also high-ranking State officials , who just recently threw away their red party cards....take part on church ceremonies... In Slovakia a gradual coalescence of the State and church power unfolds.( 140.)

Such a situation suits only those who want to establish a State on principles of religious fundamentalism ( 116. ) Actually there is persistent pressure to assimilate a minority , which has adopted a different identity as concerns its world-view
The most dangerous instigation of people against each other is when prominent personalities representing clerical- fundamentalist circles openly proclaim ideas provoking intolerance. Such occur every day and therefore one can mention only some instances..:

The main ideologist of HZDS Augustín M. Húska ( 119.) on the pages of the daily Slovenská republika repeatedly ( like in his other communications) defends "Christianity as the only guarantee of morality" and he labels atheism and his adherents as a most deleterious phenomenon. He conceals the fact, that since the outset of "evangelisation" the crime rate in Slovakia climbed within 4 years to threefold figures as compared with the period of "atheism", that every three days someone is murdered at present, ( 120.) , that forms never seen before in Slovakia appeared such as frauds amounting to billiards of resulting damage, smuggling en gross , drug trafficking , prostitution, murders on order , extortion, putting explosives , rocketing ,etc. (the
rising crime rate continues steadily and was about 30 % each year.- Pravda, April 7, 1994.) To blame the atheist education as its cause is utterly demagogic and deceiving. ... even up to these days "Christianity" failed to be the only guarantee to love between fellow men. History as well as our contemporary events prove it. ( 126. ) The majority of confrontations with bloodshed is currently motivated by religious reasons.

What about the fact that in our prisons a higher percentage of "believer" convicts serve their terms , than could be expected according their proportion in the whole population ? These make up 87 % , namely by 15 % more than in total population. ( 121 ) But it's no surprise because other statistics from abroad, to be precise from : USA, The Netherlands and others - confirm the same. ( 122, / 123./ 124.)

In a similar way speaks also cardinal J. Ch. Korec in his Christmas greeting , when he labelled the Enlightenment representatives and citizens without religious faith cadavers obstructing our way ( 119.) He did not fail to deprecate either the personality of French philosopher J. P. Sartre- one of main representatives of existencionalism , who had stressed especially human liberty . Sartre ( 1905- 1980) was besides it also a key figure in resistance of young French people against the Nazi occupation of France ( he stood thus in the opposite camp than Tiso )
Cardinal J. Ch. Korec in his criticism mentioned the unattractive titles of his books which might be truth, but the content is decisive, and this was met with world-wide appreciation. Disseminating such a misleading propaganda is aided by the fact... that our prudent government solicits the favours of the saint church . Television and radio serve this purpose every day , it means , that not the State authority and its fair politics ....but the covert or evident clericalism are supposed to stop the decline of morality in this country. ( 127.)


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