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                            PART I

Foreword of the assembling working group.

(English translation from original in Slovak)                      

In our press and on some progressive political forums rising voices can be heard , expressing disquietude over an ever growing propagation of fascism in Slovakia - taking place after November 1989.. Many of them express indignation, because nobody intervenes against its propagators. Noting that fascism is a negation of human rights and democracy, one has to stress that our sovereign nation accepted in its Constitutional law all documents protecting human rights, embraced all fundamental principles of democracy in its Constitution, and ratified international covenants on human rights. Glorifying, exculpating, and approving the fascist regime of the past means thus disrupting our democratic system , which has been secured by Constitution and it is consequently at variance with basic principles of human rights.

The following material is a review of some critical voices pronounced by citizens in daily press. We selected two fields :

1.) the efforts to whitewash the history of former war-time Slovakia-

2.) Discriminating and denigrating all potential opponents , including besides the democratic minded citizens, also members of resistance movement and people professing no religion (with non-religious -secular- philosophy of life)

We have presented these opinions as precisely as possible , on many places with the exact wording used by contributors. Comments are evaded except when necessary for the sake of continuity and clarifying mutual relations.

The material presented herewith is somewhat unusual , because it is a continuous chain of excerpted newspaper clippings with no interference in the factual subject matter or the style . It is just an INFORMATIVE STATEMENT AND DOCUMENT on what people think about the aforesaid subjects..

The material is arranged according to specific topics, not in chronological way, because the latter would obscure the mutual relations.


Warfare waged against traditions of antifascist resistance and campaigns to derogate it After the political changeover in 1989 everything related to Red Army and the Slovak National Uprising (= SNU) - the ludaks (= former fascist party members , members of Hlinka´s Slovak People Party- HSLS ) ) and their breed of collaborators started to attack and to depreciate the historical truth . Despite it the penal code with provisions of punishing propagation of fascism and similar movements was never applied on these activities.

Many streets which had been named for honouring resistance movement and struggle against fascism changed their names, special exhibition chambers commemorating it were abolished, memorials have been devastated ( Memorial of Jegorov in Pohronský Bukovec monument of murdered victims in Kremnička, tombs of Red Army soldiers in Zvolen, other monuments have been moved away- Prešov, Banská Bystrica ( 1.)

Members of anti- fascist Club in Prešov have protested against renaming streets because it was contrary to provisions of art. 1. and paragraph 2. of Slovak republic Constitutional law .As a striking example they specify renaming the Street of the 29. August ( = SNU commemorating.) and have criticised renaming other streets honouring the struggle of Slovak nation against fascism ( 2.)

One of the outstanding personalities of Slovak partisans troops on the East battle-front Ján Nálepka was exposed to derogation ( Streets named after him changed names) His statue in Stupava was removed. They try to besmear his name publishing false invectives against him alleging that he enriched himself by looting on the East front ( how could he ? Namely he never returned home because he was killed in battle on the side of Red Army !) ( defamation by J. Vicen ( 3.).

Members of anti-fascist Club in Bratislava II. point out the acts of animosity against struggle for liberation , including renaming streets, devastating monuments, graffiti painted on walls propagating fascism. They demand introducing again the original names for the Bridge of M.R. Štefánik, Bridge of heroes of Dukla Pass.- ( 4. )

One of the biggest scandals of this category was an attempt to change illegally the name of "Square of Slovak National Uprising" for "Square of Andrej Hlinka" ( see later.) degrading thus the SNU and glorifying the spiritual father of clerofascist regime in war-time Slovakia. ( It was cancelled with reference to violation of law.) ( 5.)



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