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  Role played by Matica slovenská

Collaborators from abroad  want to restore The Tiso type of "paradise on the earth" The war ended and war criminals , traitors ,and collaborators did everything possible to survive in safety. Kirschbaum was at that time in Switzerland, and succeeded to transfer into Italy the "Financial reserves " of Tiso. Historians did not find out the total amount of it, but according to arrest order issued against Kirschbaum it was about 2 million Swiss franks. ( 75.) Tiso´s finance reserves were property of Czechoslovakia and they still belong to the two successor States. Strangely enough our authorities at the occasion of Kirschbaum visiting Slovakia were not concerned at all, what Kirschbaum had done with the financial reserves J. Tiso in his speech on radio at Kremsmunster in April 1945 told that " the Slovak State still existed, because its president was alive as well as the rest of main State officials. Slovaks at home and abroad allegedly knew that their legitimate representatives were abroad . ( 20.) Who were these legitimate representatives abroad (except Tiso, who did not remain long abroad...his name was on the international list of war criminals, therefore the American occupying authorities had to extradite him immediately to Czechoslovakia. In the first place of those who belonged to this group of alleged "Legitimate representatives" was Ferdinand Ďurčanský, registered as war criminal of A category by UNO ( 83.) and who was sentenced to death by the National tribunal in his absence ( Kirschbaum acted as his right hand in exile )After efforts to intervene at the pope for J. Tiso which failed and after useless efforts to acknowledge the continuity of Slovak clerofascist State, Ďučanský escaped with his whole group (including Š. Polakovič) to Argentina. This illegal escaping from the justice was enabled by Vatican, which had organised an action called "RATLINES" with the aim to save war criminals ( Details see: 84-88. )

Another "legitimate representative" was Karol Sidor., since June 1939 serving as ambassador to Vatican, where he was granted asylum after war. Under his guidance instigation by broadcast and other activities against Slovakia were organised after 1946 (!) He was the leader of the so called " Slovak National Council Abroad " ( SNC A )

Around these two persons the "Tiso children" gathered , i.e. those who escaped before punishment for collaboration and wanted enthusiastically restore the clerofascist Slovak State. The fruits of their efforts were varied self-appointed associations as Slovak Action Board , Slovak National Council Abroad and finally Slovak National Congress and in Canada " World Congress of Slovaks", Association of Slovaks in Australia, etc.

We could get some idea about their activities just recently from the actors themselves, or from their closest - on Conferences organised by Matica slovenská ( e.g. "Slovak political exile in its struggle for independence of Slovakia ", Bratislava ,5-6. of June, 1995.)

Ladislav Jankovič, former head of the "High School for Leaders of Hlinka Youth" has declared that he himself organised the intelligence service abroad , which co-operated with American Intelligence Service in setting up subversive actions in Slovakia in the years of 1946- 1948. He feels a heavy burden on his responsibility for those who were recruited by him to collaborate in subversive activities in Slovakia and subsequently nearly all of them were arrested .Jankovič had been working also in the organisation" Intermarium" which via the Vatican links made arrangement to shift war criminals oversees , especially to Argentina.( 84.)

World Congress of Slovaks, or World Congress of ludaks? (=Slovak variety of Nazis) asks the appropriate question R. Seneši . ( 89.) It was his reaction on the rude " Proclamation" of " fourteen-March-ists" , after our countryman from abroad Leopold Danihels was decorated with memorial medal of SNU for his sincere interest to help Slovakia. In this proclamation which was using the vocabulary of fascist journals like "Gardista", Mr Mináe, (former chief of MS - comment of translator) was dubbed " man of the "coup" and commissioner ( meant of com- party!), and general Husák ( chairman of anti-fascist association in Slovakia -comment of translator) was given the name of " Stalin´s agent". These gents in exile give us a lesson who should be leader of Slovaks dispersed all over the world. ( life-long honorary chairman Jozef Kirschbaum , officially till now registered Nazi collaborator , and Š. Polakovič . ideologist of Slovak fascist State, stand in first ranks in their list. But the thread leads also to Slovakia namely to the director of the "House of Slovaks living abroad" - Vladimír Repka., which can be deduced also from contacts of his preference abroad, and from his ideas in press releases and delivered at seminars. ( 90, 84.)

The state of mind of the "fourteen-March-ist" breed of ludak emigrants , who give lessons to Slovak republic how should she behave, is mirrored among others in their press, which is being sent and disseminated also in Slovakia. Such is e. g. "Slovenský Kurier", newspaper published by Slovak National Congress of Canada. This is sent to their adherents in Slovakia who reproduce it and take care of disseminating it.. It makes really an interesting reading . As an example see a brief digest from No 2 / 1997. ( Slovenský Kurier- ref. No 91.) One can learn from it the following news: " In the ailing brain of the bloodthirsty Czech president E. Beneš a plan arose to murder the Slovak president J. Tiso (exactly like Herodes wanted to murder the little Jesus )- as the only chance how to subjugate the Slovak nation. They demand J. Carnogurský, E. Kukan, M. Kňažko, M. Kováč, V. Mečiar , P. Weiss j. Wolf and others ( a cocktail made up of all main representatives of quite distinct and opposite political parties - comment of translator) to resign immediately , because all of them are a curse to Slovak nation, then they demand rehabilitation of J. Tiso, cancelling the August 29 as national holiday and to replace it by March 14. ( Slovenský Kurier ,page 1.)

Praise for cardinal J. Ch. Korec for two things. First: because he defended archbishop Sokol against his critics at the occasion when Slovakia got in the snares of Satan by the billboard advertising the film of M. Forman : "People versus Larry Flint" .Second: praise to cardinal Korec for his serving Holy Mass for J. Tiso . (page 2.)

Exalted words of praise follow extolling March 14.th ,1939 as "the greatest day in the history of Slovak nation" ended by a MEMORANDUM. Praising Stanislav Pánis (well known in Slovakia for his attitudes - see preceding parts.) Adoration of Tiso continues by two articles dated April 1949 written by Ferdinand Ďurčanský ( see preceding parts) and the second by reverend Kokavský (p. 6.)

Report on meetings commemorating J. Tiso in Slovakia. A couple of articles deploring and expressing the highest indignation on shocking act of banning the "National pilgrimage" to Alttotingen, ending with a letter disclosing that cardinal J. Ch. Korec did not sign any attitude against the pilgrimage. Chairman of Christian Democratic Movement of Slovakia Ján Čarnogurský is given a "shower " wrapped in sanctimonious phrases for his serving communists in the past as a lawyer and for his joining later the atheist- cosmopolitan Charter 77 ( and plenty of similar disclosures) (p.11- 12)

Two articles deal with "ideas" of Dr Gabriel Hoffman , (see also in preceding parts) He asserts that the " Protocols of Zion " are genuine and true, and that Hitler was just an instrument in the hands of Zionists , who wanted through him to get in the Holy Land, and many other similar „discoveries" .(p.11-12.)

As concerns the referendum in Slovakia which was foiled , Mr. Valaška asserts that " it was obstructed on divine interference, which had the martyr -president Tiso procured from God, since he (Tiso) before his death as a martyr sent a message to his nation asking them to pray for him and he promised that he will pray to God almighty to bless the Slovak nation in its struggle for God and for the Nation. ....( FINALLY WE FOUND OUT WHO WAS IN FACT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FAILED REFERENDUM ! ) (p. 16.)

Just to mention some of the other issues: P. Martinko ( p 15-16.) gives advice to Slovak government to have prosecuted the ( Hungarian) MP Duray, Nagy, Bugár and others for offences of vituperating the present Slovak republic . ... there is a need to put under control radically those „Magyaronis" (derisive nickname for Hungarians-comment of translator.) At the moving description of meetings to commemorate the 50-th anniversary of executing president Tiso in Bytča (p.7.)we are informed on some more issues:: Mr. Myrjanský and Mr. Kovačič of Canada decorated by medals those who did a piece of work in order to make the name of president Tiso again crystal- clean.. But they made a mistake by failing to decorate also Mrs. Kozánková the chairperson to " Society of Friends of president J. Tiso" ! She reacted on it not only by a heart-breaking letter. but she has disclosed also that it was one more slap in face to her, when the priest who served the Saint Mass was telling, that the ornate gown in which he was clad had been used by Tiso himself. The gown was made namely personally by Mrs Kozánková of a cloth brought from Syria by her daughter, and she had been working on it for four months ! (-comment :She did not tell directly that the Catholic priest was telling lies- she just insinuated it) This outline of contents published by "Slovenský Kurier" should perhaps give some idea about the fantasy and the dreams in which these emigrants live, after escaping from justice , because they had dirty and bloodstained hands, or were guilty of collaboration with the worst criminal of history - Hitler . It would be their private affair if not for their efforts to export this rubbish to democratic Slovakia through their " Marketing Agencies" and its agents ( see following parts. )

 Role played by Matica slovenská. (MS)

Lots of facts criticised also by public testify that MS became the extended hand of fascist- minded emigrated collaborators, as well as a Centre for persistent linkage of similar-minded domestic groups with a consequent giving of all available means (which are not small !) to their disposal. for the sake of propagating for Slovakia the course of further development under the guidance of adherents to the before mentioned ideology.

The basic idea of Matica slovenská was originally : "unity of nation , to join all Slovaks regardless of their faith, ideology, and world views " ( M.S.- Collection of papers by the House of Slovaks living abroad - seminar held on 5.-6. June, 1995- contribution by director V. Repka.) These days there are ample arguments proving that in the movement of MS only insignificant room for activities is given to those professing other than Catholic faith and absolutely none for people with non -religious orientation. Leading positions in M S are occupied mostly by followers of ludak- nationalist ideology , while there is a complete "taboo" on any scientific non-theistic world-view in publications or spoken word delivered by leading persons of MS. Religious viewpoints have in the movement of MS the dominant position, while atheists have no chance to participate in investigative or other activities of the MS.....even if they are excellent patriots - devoted to nation ( 84.)

MS grants its many-sided support to efforts , make the ludák prominence involved as much as possible in fields of organising, in spreading their ideas., especially in publicising in the periodic and non-periodic press of MS. From the financial means of taxpayers , via the State budget and with support of Ministry of culture and Ministry of education the MS holds varied kind of conferences , exhibitions , publishing monographs, collections of papers, and other press releases in which openly the war-time regime headed by Tiso-, who was convicted by the National tribunal, is propagated . In accordance with some functionaries of MS, the emigrants talk about the continuity of the present State regime and community with the regime of war-time Slovak republic. ( 91.)

The functionaries of MS headed by Mr. Markuš, Bajaník, Bobák and other " Super - Slovaks" cheat the membership and the citizens of Slovakia, when in the mass media and on varied kind of gatherings and events they quite openly propagate and defend the war-time Slovak fascist State ant its that-time representatives, in the first place including Tiso ( 92.)

It would be just repeating chapters C.) and D.) to enumerate all activities , because MS participated in all of them.. Also the ties between activities of MS and the Slovak collaborators in exile are so close, that it would mean just repeating many of these facts. That is why the following data should be taken just as an attempt, which is far from being complete, to outline some more features of current situation. In the every year published "National" calendars of MS" there is a "roaring " tendency to debase the anti- fascist resistance of Slovak nation .and to praise everything and everyone collaborating with Hitler-Tiso regime.. In the calendar of 1995 teeming are the articles about the partisan - scoundrels , about bandits, looting and vandalism. Room is given also to chairman of MS in Canada, Rudolf Šandorfi, who speaks about "coup done by partisan troops", about mass murders committed on the Slovak citizens, which he takes as " communist and Czechoslovak practices". There are also articles by Stanislav Mečiar (a figure to whom we return once more.). The Canadian "countrymen" publish a journal called "Nástup " as a successor to fascist journal of the same name edited by war criminal Ďurčanský during the era of fascist Slovakia..( Current high- ranking governmental personalities sent their New-Year's congratulations in 1995 to this journal ) ( 93.)

The national calendar of MS propagating a similar assortment of ideas did not let us wait for long either in 1996. Its compiler and editor was Ján Bobák. Ján Bobák, former staff member of the Institute of Marxism-Leninism , who has written in an opinion poll of newspaper "Pravda" in 1987the following statement:..." one cannot refute the Slovak history according someone's subjective imaginations...." turned his coat and he started himself to distort the history according to his own views (J.Barica ) This time in the national calendar conspicuous are commemoration on anniversaries of altogether 23 Catholic priests ( and three more Protestant priests ) Commemorating gen. J. Golián, who was one of main designers of SNU is of course missing, but we can certainly find there commemorating lieutenant colonel Ján Šmigovský ( executed for

treason on SNU). Not missing is either the jubilee of F. Vnuk ( famous by his constant derogatory attacks against all forms of anti- fascist resistance). To celebrate Tiso was the task of M.S. Ďurica ( no need to introduce him) and finally for embellishing there was a poem by A. Žarnov telling how we should spit on the Czechoslovaks, burning their every seed and exterminate these bloodsucker leeches , and dogs- in order to keep pure our kin. ( A really nice pattern of tolerance and international fraternity - Žarnov was the pseudonym of pathologist Šubík, who wrote also such and similar poems in the Tiso regime.-) In addition to all this it was not omitted to utter laudatory commemorations on Alojz Macek ( see there- in part B.) for whom a memorial table was unveiled due to the initiative of that-time director of the Institute for Slovaks living abroad- Dr Ján Bobák (27, 26, 76, 94.)

A similar trend can be seen also in the calendar of MS for 1997, in which P. Mulík in his search for truth found it in the standpoint of " Slovak Action Committee " ( headed by war criminal registered on the list of UNO ,- Ferdinand Ďurčanský). quotation of page 210 reads :..." The foresight of God....gave the fate of the Slovak nation in the hands.....of his greatest Genius the Slovak nation ever produced since the time of king Svätopluk - Dr Jozef Tiso...." ( 95.) To avoid repeating all seminars besmearing antifascist resistance with every kind of dirt and polishing to crystal cleanliness the collaborator Tiso regime, we better omit it . But in all this actions Matica slovenská was blowing its trumpet for the benefit of old -ludák circles. ( 95.) In close connection with this are activities trying to transfer into the Slovak National Cemetery the mortal remains of collaborating personalities who had absconded abroad and died there. The first such attempt was made with remains of the late Stanislav Mečiar . This "celebrity" was the ideologist of the Highest Command of HG and under his control were the training courses , of HG, of Domobrana, and he had been preparing them for the " saint fascist cause" among others also the future murderers and arsons of Ostrý Grúň, Klak and other places ( 98.) . Matica slovenská published a book about this " prominent" figure, which was meant to portend the intended unveiling of a memorial table which honours him now in Prievidza. ( 97, 99.)

The transfer of mortal remains of S. Mečiar collapsed on the disapproval of his widow , therefore the leaders of MS went to South America for taxpayers money to import in the National Cemetery the remains of Koloman Geraldini, former district chief of HG and afterward when he moved to Bratislava member of presidential guard of J. Tiso. At that occasion M S pays to three family members all travel costs from .Uruguay and back.( 100.) MP Milan Ftáčnik at interpelation in the Slovak parliament asked the minister of culture I. Hudec demanding more explanation. But the explanation never appeared yet. ( 96.)

Many people ask how is it possible that MS, financed mostly from State resources i.e. taxes paid by citizens covers expenditures aiming at subverting the basic principles of the democratic system anchored in our Constitution, by propagating and whitewashing fascism, which is a negation of human rights and democracy. Explanation is simple. . These activities are never met with objections of current holders of political might, which encourages the perpetrators ever more.



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