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Part II:
. Campaign for distorting and whitewashing the history of fascist Slovak State.

The campaign for revising the disgraceful clerofascist period of Slovak history, the inhumane crimes committed, collaboration with Nazi Germany, the damage caused to own people and to allies fighting Hitler, continue with increasing trend.

Falsifications of history want to make from this infamous period a paradise of peace in the heart of Europe, where the persecuted Jews lived in welfare, Tiso being their protector, the second father of nation nearly a Saviour The Czechs, Czechoslovaks, Protestants , as well as Jews were the main evil, or traitors , the SNU was a treachery committed on the nation, which has caused that the victorious powers forced Slovakia to become part of Czechoslovak republic ( 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74.)

The main protagonists of this false propaganda and of falsifying history are Dr Ján Bobák ( Matica slovenská.), Dr František Vnuk (emigrant who has returned from Australia ), and Milan S. Ďurica ( also returned home from emigration)

Dr Ján Bobák ( former lector of Central Committee of Communist Party, staff member of Institute of communist party history, and deputy chairman of local branch of com-party in Matica slovenská.)- he declares that SNU was " coup of August", in which "Slovaks turned their weapons against other Slovaks " and "August 29 was the black day of the Slovak nation"( 76.)- At present he occupies the post of secretary to the historic institute of M.S. where he has been much involved in propagating these and similar ideas ( Complete list is not possible)

Dr František Vnuk , metallurgist who returned from Australia where he had emigrated, at home he is engaged mostly with glorifying the clerofascist regime and besmearing anti- fascist resistance .Besides he is lecturer of church history on the Theological Faculty in Bratislava. His " peculiarity" at explaining history of SNU throws a strange light on his post and his interpretation of church history ( 77. ) , or perhaps such a " talent in interpretation" had qualified him for the post of lecturer at the Theological Faculty ? Some time ago he was decorated by an award of Vatican which was screened by Slovak television and media with a rather wide coverage (certainly -not for besmearing anti- fascist resistance , but for his merits in history of church. )

Milan S. Ďurica, he took his studies in Trnava, and Turin, where ho was ordained Catholic priest. He participated in founding the emigrant Centre of Slovak Catholic Intellectuals in which he had been taking the position of secretary general for a couple of years.. In emigration he was consultant to World Congress of Slovaks , whose aims to launder crimes of the clerofascist regime are generally known. Iurica can be considered defendant of viewpoints promulgated by Tiso. He cheats and mystifies with a premeditated aim with such blunders and gibberish, especially such as published in his " historic work" : History of Slovakia and Slovaks " that it is against human dignity to make polemic about his ideas and thus to advertise it. ( 78.) Everybody has the right to his own opinion., but the circumstances concerning publishing this book an its introducing into schools as a recommended " textbook" has caused that Slovakia was again in the centre of concern to all international subjects abroad

This point deserves to be dealt with more in details.

In 1993 the Ministry of education and Pedagogic Institute announced a tender for writing a textbook of history and accepted was the offer of a collective of 15 historians under the editorship of the director of the Institute of history of Slovak Academy of Science. The textbook dealing with the 19. century was published without delay. Something worse happened with textbook covering the 20. century for the 8. class of school, thus that part of Slovak history which was so distinctly marked by the clerofascist State of Tiso and its unconditioned collaboration with Nazism. The textbook drew the attention of Jan Slota , the chairman of Slovak National Party... who immediately shifted it to E. Slavkovská, the minister of education. She promptly has sent it in the hands of Matica slovenská. The intention of such an intervention was quite clear if we take in account the profile of Dr Bobák ( see there ) ( 78, b.) It happened what could have been expected Although the reports of all professional experts were highly positive, the review of Dr Bobák appeared ( although he was never competent to it )... therewith the approval of ministry of education was postponed .

Soon thereafter in 1996 Ministry of education issued the II. edition of book written by DR Milan Durica " History of Slovakia and Slovaks" and it distributed it in schools as a teaching aid.. The book was printed in an amazingly high print run of 80 thousand books, which was accomplished with PHARE subsidy. Competent representatives of PHARE made clear that they had been mislead as they were not informed about its real substance. The aim of publication is evident considering the protests against it. Among them the head of Protestant church has objected because it incites dangerous national and religious hatred with unbelievably falsified data , which should be inculcated in the minds of our youth . ( As an instances we quote one of fabrications which arose in the brain of Mr. Ďurica- page 211 : - " a handful of Protestants took the intention to exterminate and annihilate all the Catholic intelligentsia and to throw them in a bloodthirsty way to peoples tribunals. " ( 73.) The Jewish community has characterised in its protest this publication as a primitive tabloid- like propagation of ludak type of fascism ( financed from budget and PHARE resources). It has criticised also Matica slovenská for its complicity , because MS perseveringly had been involved in attempts of rehabilitating the infamous chapters of Slovak history. ( Central Association of Jewish Communities- ref. No 80.) ( Activities of MS see later )

Slovakia thus attracted again the attention, and prime minister V. Mečiar had to promise at his visit in European institutions , that this pamphlet of Ďurica will be withdrawn from schools ( 139.), which was not done , since the book is still in schools. The effect was quite the opposite: in fact all that worked as a good advertisement. Along with other fascism promulgating literature circulating in schools this garbage keeps to be read by our youth - shaping thus the mind of future generations.( see also 81.)

Ďurica , of course , does not keep quiet and he has continued with a new paperback " To approach the truth" , which was sent to headmasters of all schools. Evidently Ďurica does not stand alone, he has some backing , he has got some helping hands. ( 81.) This falsifying of history is certainly not only an " innocent academic discourse", as the state authorities try to perceive it and to impute it to citizens.. It is not only a struggle of nationalist racist and fascist - minded positions , but all that is an open effort to make of the ideology of the war- time Slovak State a constant element of the doctrine adopted by the present Slovak republic ( 78.)


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